Altruism & Cooperation

Why do people choose to help each other, even at a cost to themselves? What makes some people risk their lives to save someone else? Why do we join forces and collaborate?

Creativity & Intelligence

What makes a smart person smart, and a creative person creative? What sparks innovation? Is there a link between creativity and intelligence?

Happiness & Well-Being

What are the causes and consequences of happiness? How can we promote better health, greater social connectedness, and a sense of meaning and purpose in our communities?

Religion & Culture

Why do we believe the things we believe? How do we learn the rituals of our communities, and what role does ritual and religion play in group bonding, trust, and competition?

Environment & Civilization

Why do we form and join groups? Why did we start living in societies? How are we shaped by our environment, and how is humanity transforming the planet? How can we protect biodiversity?

Language & Learning

When did we start using tools, art, and language? How do we develop new cognitive skills and communication abilities? How do we learn new information from others and how do we decide who and what to trust?