Thomas Nadelhoffer

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
College of Charleston

What He Studies

The moral and legal implications of people’s beliefs about free will and the moral and legal implications of cognitive enhancement.

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Text: What Do Non-Philosophers Think About Free Will?

Research suggests that believing in free will may play an important role in our daily lives. If free will provides the foundation for our moral beliefs and practices, and its existence is incompatible with what science is telling us about human cognition, then free will is not just a topic fit for philosophers—it is a scientific, cultural, and public policy issue as well.
— Slate


Review: The Promises and Perils of Bioprediction

In his thought-provoking book The Anatomy of Violence, Adrian Raine does an excellent job familiarizing readers with some of the cutting-edge research from the exciting new field of neurocriminology.
— The Post and Courier



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