Richard Russell

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Gettysburg College

What He Studies

Physical differences between faces, such as how the face changes with age, how male and female faces differ, and how the faces of healthy and unhealthy people differ, as well as how we use this kind of facial information when we form impressions of other people, such as how old they are, how healthy they are, and whether we find them attractive.

in the news

Fascinating Ways Our Brains Process Gender, According To ‘Brain Games’

How do our brains interpret a face we see as male or female? As it turns out, it’s a shadowy concept—literally. On average, females face tends to have more contrast than the face of a man of the same ethnicity, with females’ skin tone generally lighter relative to other features like eyes and lips.
— Inside NGC, Nat Geo TV Blogs


Why Do Women Apply Facial Cosmetics?

Bottom line: Cosmetics are used to accentuate an existing sex difference in facial contrast.
— Homo Consumericus, Psychology Today


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