Mark Runco

E. Paul Torrance Professor of Creativity Studies
University of Georgia, Athens

What He Studies

Idea generation and divergent thinking, and he has devised a battery of tests that measures creative potential and performance.

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Lessons Learned from talking about the Nature of Creativity in the Brain

The purpose of the meeting was to "evaluate the legacy of creativity research and to look for ways to mine new knowledge at the intersections of cognitive psychology, neurobiology, neurotechnology, learning, and the arts."
— National Endowment of the Arts


Imagining a New College Entrance Examination

The SAT is a measure of convergent thinking: the ability to arrive at the single best answer deemed correct by a select committee. One big thing that is missing on these tests is the assessment of divergent thinking: the ability to generate multiple possibilities, ideas, and solutions to a problem.
— Beautiful Minds, Scientific American


Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development
Aderhold Hall
110 Carlton Street
Athens, GA

Phone: 706-542-5104

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