Katherine Milkman

James G. Campbell Jr. Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Management
The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania

What She Studies

How we can use big data and field experiments to document various ways in which individuals systematically deviate from making optimal choices and to explore how human decision making can be improved.

in the news

Beware the Angry Birds

Thanks to the digital revolution, chief executives now live in glass houses. Katherine Milkman’s research on what stories make the New York Times’ most emailed list shows stories that evoke anger or anxiety are more likely to make the “most e-mailed” list. Stories about evil CEOs make perfect click-bait.
— The Economist


Changing Bad Habits the Smart Way

Breaking a bad habit and replacing it with a new, healthier one isn't easy. One possible strategy for building new and better habits is “temptation bundling,” a strategy articulated and tested in a recent academic paper by Katherine Milkman.
— Philadelphia Inquirer


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Email: kmilkman@wharton.upenn.edu