Cristine Legare

Associate Professor of Psychology
The University of Texas at Austin

What She Studies

The universal human mind and the variations of human culture to address fundamental questions about cognitive and cultural evolution.

In the news

Imitating to Survive

How children use rituals to learn values.
—Mortal Rituals, Psychology Today


Thinking Like A Scientist Can Help Overcome Allure Of Appearances

How young children overcome the hemlock challenge—the challenge of going beyond what something looks like to appreciate more subtle but informative properties, like its internal parts (e.g., whether it contains coniine) or causal consequences (e.g., whether it's dangerous for humans).
—13.7 Cosmos & Culture, NPR


Department of Psychology
The University of Texas at Austin
1 University Station #A8000
Austin, Texas 78712-0187

Phone: 512-468-8238