Chris Boehm

Professor of Biological Sciences and Anthropology
Director of the Jane Goodall Research Center
University of South California

What He Studies

The origin of human conscience, the development of altruistic behavior in human beings, and the evolution of political behavior in apes and humans.

in the news


Why do humans bully, why do some do it and others allow it? Are bullies born or do they learn their bullying? Mike Williams speaks to anthropologist Christopher Boehm about links between the bullying behavior of our ape ancestors and our own behavior.
— The Why Factor, BBC World Service


Justice Is in Our Nature

Christopher Boehm in Moral Origins concludes, after intensive analysis of 50 representative hunter-gatherer cultures, that our ancestors likely experienced a “radical political change,” evolving from a hierarchic “apelike ‘might is right’ … social order,” to become more egalitarian.
— Guest Blog, Scientific American


University of Southern California
Allan Hancock Foundation, B45a
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0032

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