Caleb Scharf

Professor of Physics
Dartmouth College

What He Studies

Exoplanetary science, which is devoted to the discovery and characterization of planets around other stars, and understanding the formation, histories, and properties of these planets—with the ultimate goal of finding planets that could harbor recognizable life, and to detect the presence of that life (an effort that falls under the banner of astrobiology).

In The News

Caleb Scharf on the Cosmic Significance of Life on Earth

In his most recent publication, The Copernicus Complex, Caleb Scharf argues that while life on earth isn't unique, it is rare to live on a planet so unusually situated and part of such an exclusive club of planetary systems that can support life.
— The Daily Circuit, MPR News


Can You Ever Really Know an Extraterrestrial?

Knowledge about aliens might be as dangerous as the aliens themselves.
— Nautilus



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