Aaron Kay

Associate Professor of Management
Associate Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience
Duke University

What He Studies

Individual and societal motivations, beliefs, and behaviors—including (but are not limited to) the causes and consequences of stereotyping, religious belief, political ideology, and the attitudes people hold toward their organizations and institutions.

in the news

Feeling Like a Winner Changes What You Think Is Fair

Do our beliefs about justice, skill, and trust change depending on whether we feel like a winner or a loser? Yes, according to new research.
— Harvard Business Review


Facts? We Don’t Need No Stinking Facts!

When faced with facts that contradict our beliefs, we shift to relying on untestable assertions.
— Pacific Standard


Duke University
Fuqua School of Business
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Durham, NC 27708

Phone: 919-660-3737
Email: aaron.kay@duke.edu